Oppurtunity  For Blogs, Manipal Law Review: Submissions are on Rolling Basis


About the Organization

The Manipal Education Group, with its heritage of excellence in higher education for over 60 years, launched Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) in 2011 on an invitation from the Government of Rajasthan, as a self-financed State University. Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) is a co-educational, residential, private research university located in the city of Jaipur, Rajasthan.

It is the fifth university established by Manipal Global Education Services. School of Law, Manipal University Jaipur is dedicated to fostering and inculcating the intellectual and ethical values in the students. It is committed to the evolution of law as an instrument of social change with efforts being made to expose students to practical realities.

About the Blog

“Manipal Law Review” is a double-blind peer-reviewed academic blog, an initiative taken by the students of School of Law, MUJ which provides a platform to initiate a discussion on contemporary issues and their relevance to different fields of law. It aims to provide a means for young minds to present their opinion on important issues in a detailed yet efficient manner while the matter at hand is still fresh in hopes of sparking a conversation among the


  • The Manipal Law Review accepts weekly submissions on a rolling basis from all contributors. Submissions can pertain to any area of law, or social issue that features an important legal component. The submissions will be reviewed by the Editorial Board under the supervision of the Editor in Chief.

  • Submission Guidelines

  • Submissions are accepted in the form of short notes, articles, case comments or book reviews.

  • Submissions must not exceed the word limit of 1500 words. (Acceptance of submissions may be flexible on the word count depending on the quality of the submission.)

  • The co-authorship is limited to a maximum of two authors.

  • Submissions should not contain any detail of the author and it must be accompanied by a covering letter. The covering letter must mention the Name, Affiliation, and E-mail of the author.

  • All word limits are exclusive of endnotes

  • Submissions are to be emailed at mujlawreview[at]gmail.com exclusively in .doc or .docx, formats. Other formats particularly PDFs are not acceptable and may lead to summary rejection.

  • Submissions should be in a font of Times New Roman, 14 points for Headings, 12 points for the main text and 10 points for references.

  • Spacing must be 1.5 for the body and endnotes must be single-spaced.

  • Please refrain from using any page borders and ensure such borders are removed before the manuscript is submitted.

  • All references should be in the form of Endnote and using Bluebook (20th Edition) referencing style only.

  • The submissions must be original and unpublished.

  • Manipal Law review prefers submissions that are analytical, unique and critical in nature.

Contact Information:

Email for any queries/questions: mujlawreview@gmail.com

The official link is given here:https://mujlawreview.wordpress.com/about/



Call For Blog Submission by Lawcolumn, Free Publication Oppurtunity, Submissions to be made on Rolling Basis!

Law column

About Law column

Law column is a student run legal web portal for  law students, lawyers, academicians, professionals and any person interested to gain legal knowledge. Law column provides law school notes, latest legal news, latest judgments, informative legal blogs, study material for law exams, guidance for law exams, interviews of prominent personalities , career advice, information about legal opportunities

Law column provides a platform for legal minds to showcase their writing skills and contribute to the legal fraternity through their opinions and ideas.


Blogs focusing on any contemporary issue relating to field of law or of having academic importance will be accepted.

Entry Fees

No fee will be asked at any stage of publication. One can submit any number of blogs.


There are no last dates for submission as we are accepting the blogs on rolling basis.


  • Upon successful publication of the blog, author can request for the issue of e-certificate of publication through mail. (  no fee will be collected )

  • Selected authors will be given an opportunity for Internship at Lawcolumn

Authors are requested to give a written declaration that the articles submitted are original pieces of work and has not been plagiarized nor has been published or is in consideration for publishing in any other place. (should be sent on mail along with the plagiarism reports)

Note: The Process of reviewing the article will not be started until the receipt of the above said Author’s Declaration. It will take around 2-4 working days for the successful publication of the blog.

Contact Details

For any queries or assistance in submission of blogs please write us at

Mail: thelawcolumn[at]gmail.com or

Whatsapp: 9182252581





Call for Blogs by NALSAR’S Language Rights Blog: Rolling Submissions


About the BLOG

Understanding the meaning of “language” and its impact is crucial to recognize its power and how it shapes the world around us.  Language is more than a means of communication.

In a world where languages are not treated equally, a person’s ability to speak the dominant language becomes a privilege. Language privilege determines the accommodation of a linguistic minority in terms of access to social, political and educational institutions.

The Language Rights Blog aims to highlight the prejudice experienced by the linguistically marginalised and engage with the multidisciplinary approach to language and language rights.

Submissions are accepted from students, academicians and language rights enthusiasts in the following themes:

  1. Language Rights and Education
  2. Language Rights, Access and Participation
  3. Language Rights and Health
  4. Language Rights and the law
  5. Language Rights and Identity
  6. Language Rights and Culture
  7. Language Rights and Cognition
  8. Language Rights and Employment
  9. Language Rights and Labour
  10. Language Rights and Disability
  11. Language Rights and Discrimination
  12. Language Rights and Social Justice
  13. Language Rights and Genocide
  14. Language Rights, Accents and Discrimination
  15. Language Rights and Conflicts

Kinds of Submissions:

  1. BOOK REVIEWS– A book review must contain a critical review of any book pertaining to one or more themes mentioned in the scope of the blog available here. The book itself can be of any language but the review must be in English. The word limit for a book review is 1000 – 1200 words.
  2. CASE COMMENTS– A case comment must have a detailed analysis of the judgement along with the author’s opinion/stance on the same and must directly engage with one or more of the themes mentioned in the scope. The word limit for a case comment is 800-1000 words.
  3. ARTICLES– A research article must have a detailed and comprehensive analysis of any topic related to one or more of the given themes. The word limit for a research article is around 1500 words. If the article is longer than the stipulated word limit and if the editors deem it necessary, the word limit can be expanded.
  4. POLICY ANALYSIS– A policy analysis must contain a thorough analysis of any policy including its formulation, adoption and implementation. It must pertain to one or more of the themes mentioned in the scope. The word limit for the same is 1500 – 2000 words. The word limit may exceed the limit if the analysis is of exceptional quality. In that case, the submission will be published in parts.


  1. The content should be written in Times New Roman font with a size of 12. Line spacing must be 1.5.
  2. All references must be in the form of hyperlinks in the body of the submission itself. Footnotes must be used for offline sources only.
  3. The body of the email must contain the name, institutional affiliation, title & category of the submission, the contact information of the author(s) and a brief description of the submission.


As per our 2-stage review process, the Editorial Board may take up to 7 days to provide comments on the submission. Any delay shall be notified to the authors.


  1. The BLOG follows a rolling submissions Hence, there is no deadline to submit articles.
  2. The submission should be an original workof the author and not under consideration for publication in any other journal or blog. Submissions will be screened for plagiarism.
  3. Co-authorship of maximum 2 authors is allowed.
  4. The article must be submitted in an MS- Word Document to tlrb@nalsar.ac.in.The subject of the email should be ‘SUBMISSION – TITLE.’ The Editorial Board shall send an acknowledgement email upon receiving the article. The author(s) are requested to resend the submission if they do not receive an acknowledgement.
  5. Submissions may be accepted/rejected based solely at the discretion of the Editorial Board. In relation to all disputes, the decision of the Editorial Board shall be final and binding.
  6. They allow reposting of the published blog posts on other platforms. The second publication must first acknowledge the publication on this blog by stating: ‘First posted on The Language Rights Blog on dd/mm/yyyy.’

For more information, Contact:

Email ID: tlrb@nalsar.ac.in

Ms. Akanksha Agrahari:9705044512

For Official Blog Website:https://thelanguagerightsblog.nalsar.ac.in/submission-guidelines-2/